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What is Gâc?
You are probably aware that tomatoes are high in lycopene.  But are you aware of a fruit that has 70X higher lycopene than tomatoes?

And, you are probably aware that carrots are high in beta-carotene.  But are you aware of a fruit that has 10X higher beta-carotene than carrots?

It is estimated that there are between 250,000 to 300,000 species of flowering plants, and regrettably, only about 10% of them have been investigated for commercial or medicinal potential.  Gâc (Momordica Cochinchinensis Spreng) (pronounced "Geuk" by native Vietnam speakers) is relatively unknown in western agricultural circles.  Guichard and Bui first identified carotenoids in Gâc fruit when they traveled to Vietnam in 1941.  The discovery of Guichard and Bui rocked the scientific world. According to a 2004 USDA paper (reference below), Gâc aril (the red seed sac) has about 40-70 times the lycopene of tomatoes, and 10 times the beta carotene of carrots.  West and Poovlet reported a concentration of 18,810 ug of betacarotene, and 89,150 ug total cartenoids per 100g.  This is the real deal. Today, cultivation of Gâc is exceedingly rare outside its native habitat of SE Asia. This is highly unfortunate and represents a missed opportunity for the health conscious consumers worldwide.

Gâc is a bright-red fruit that grows as large as a cantaloupe and covered with short spines, hence it is sometimes referred to in English language as "Spiny Cucumber" or "Balsampear".  It grows abundantly on attractive, vigorous tropical vines all over sub-tropical Asia, especially in Vietnam.  The vine is mildly drought tolerant, and reportedly hardy to 10 degrees F.  The large seeds cannot be spread by birds and the plant is considered non-invasive.  A fountain of antioxidants, as recent scientific research unveiled, this fruit is grown in home gardens and valued for its medicinal potentials.

The plant can be cultivated either from seeds or root tubers. Leaves are alternate and deeply three-to-five-lobed with toothed margins. The leaf stalk is glandular. The gac plant is dioecious, that is, the male and female plants are separate. The flowers are pale-yellow and solitary in the axils of the leaves. The production of parthenocarpic fruits, which is of economic importance, can be accomplished using growth regulators in the female plant in the absence of male plants. However, induced parthenocarpic fruits have no seed, whereas hand pollinated fruits contain 18 seeds per fruit on average.

Unfortunately, cultivation of Gâc is exceedingly rare outside its native habitat of SE Asia.  In Asian households, the red oily pulp is often cooked with rice. The color and fatty acids from the fruit pulp and seed membrane are stirred into the rice, giving it a lustrous appearance and oil-rich, mild nutty taste. The bright red color generates the visual effect that represents good luck and joy in Vietnamese tradition.

What are the health benefits of Gâc?

Recent scientific analysis of Gâc oil has revealed that gâc contains significant and extraordinarily high amounts of important anti-oxidants necessary for good health and slowing the effects of aging. The impressive graph below compares the amount of lycopene in Gâc fruit to other common fruits which are already known for their high lycopene content.  Gâc fruit contains 20X-70X higher lycopene than tomatoes.   As such, Gâc is a commercially viable source of this important phyto-nutrient.  The lycopene is contained in the aril, which is the red oily sacs surrounding the seeds.  Insignificant amounts of lycopene are found in the orange mesocarp flesh of the fruit. 

Gâc fruit oil also contains beta-carotene in significant and extraordinarily high amounts, approximately 10X higher than vegetables already known for their high beta-carotene content, such as carrots.  Gâc also has high levels of fatty acids which creates a lipocarotene to deliver higher bioavailable carotenoids. Compared to beta-carotene found in carrots and dark-green vegetables, beta carotene from Gâc fruit appears to be more easily absorbed.  Gâc extract has been shown effective in colon cancer tumor remediation in mice (reference below).


Carotenoids in plants are the primary dietary source of vitamin A worldwide. The most efficient pro-vitamin A carotenoid is beta-carotene which is abundant in yellow and orange fruits, such as mangoes, papayas, yams, and of course  Gâc, and in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, sweet potato leaves, and sweet gourd leaves.   In developing countries, thousands of children go blind every  year due to a dietary deficiency of vitamin A.  Consumption of foods rich in b-carotene theoretically can replete individuals to a healthy vitamin A status.  Gâc is remarkably high in beta-carotene and is an outstanding potential resource as a natural cure for Vitamin A deficiency.

A number of studies have shown that each of the each of the carotenoids (such as alpha-carotene, lycopene, lutein, canthaxanthin, zeaxanthin, and cryptoxanthin) can have different functions as well as concentrate differently in various tissues. For example, lutein levels are highest in the retina, the liver, and the lungs. Alpha-carotene levels are highest in the breast and cervix, while lycopene is very high in the liver, lungs, and breast.

Carotenoids play a major role in cancer prevention and control, and each acts in a specific organ or tissue. Some of the carotenoids, including alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin and gamma-carotene, are converted in the body into vitamin A. Others can be metabolized into a great number of compounds that have also been shown to inhibit cancer. And because they can be dissolved in lipids as well as water, they play a major role in protecting the brain.

Many people are aware that very high doses of vitamin A over extended periods can cause liver and brain toxicity, especially in the very young. The unique thing about carotenoids converted to vitamin A is that they will never produce enough vitamin A to be toxic, no matter how high a dose of the carotenoids taken. There is no known toxic dose of beta-carotene, even for infants.

It could be said that the Vietnamese people have the lightest, smoothest, and healthiest skin of all Asian races.  Recent scientific studies have demonstrated the skin rejuvenating, toning, and youth enhancing benefits of Gâc oil, and recent products have been introduced to capitalize on this.  See references below.

What does Gâc taste like?

Gâc flesh and oily sacs are quite palatable and have very little taste,  it could be described as a very mild taste, in the same way that a cucumber has very little taste.  It is only slightly sweet or not sweet, and it would definitely not be described as delicious, more like plain or bland slightly nutty taste.  The aril texture is soft and mushy, similar to raw chicken livers.  The mesocarp (light orange outer fleshy part under the spiny skin) is about 2 cm thick and has a soft spongy texture.  It is normally discarded (composted!).  When the seeds and oil sac are cooked with rice, they impart a lustrous appearance and oil-rich, mild nutty flavor to the rice.

As with any pure vegetable oil, pure Gâc oil is not delicious, and it would not be wise to try to get your family to take it with a teaspoon in pure form.  Soft gels is the preferred method to take pure Gâc oil.  This is similar to many other vegetable oils, which by themselves are quite unpleasant to ingest. Olives are delicious, but a spoonful of olive oil, well, you get the picture.

For western diets, a convenient way to prepare Gâc is to drop the seed sacs into a pot of tomato sauce and cook briefly.  Of course if your tomato sauce has a rich tomato taste and already contains some other healthy ingredients like olive oil and garlic, the Gâc imparts almost no detectable flavor to the tomato sauce while turbo-charging it with phyto-nutrients.  Add it to your spaghetti sauce, use it to make some pizza or lasagna, or slip it into your favorite salsa recipe!

What are Gâc seeds?

Gâc seeds are brown in color and look like small meteorites with gagged edges and black lines running through them.  They are about the size of a half dollar piece and about 1/4 inch thick.  Approximately 200-300 seeds in 1 kilogram.  They have one small hole on one end.  This is where the vine and roots will emerge at germination.

How to germinate Gâc seeds?

Like all seeds, Gâc seeds need oxygen, water, and light to germinate.  Clay soils do not allow for passage of oxygen.  Planting any seed deep in wet clay soil is a good way prevent oxygen and light from reaching it, which will result in poor germination results and rotted seeds.  Do not use straight potting soil for the same reason.

The seeds should be planted immediately upon receipt.  Long term storage (over 6 months) in the refrigerator (not freezer) is possible.  Gâc seeds have a hard seed coat and after long term storage they will need extra time to germinate.â The seeds should be placed half submerged in well draining soil mix.  We use 1/4 potting soil, 1/4 broken peanut shells, 1/4 peat mos, and 1/4 course sand.  The seeds have one opening and this should be placed down in the soil. This is where the vine and roots will emerge at germination.  The soil should be kept wet.  Do not let it dry out during germination.  Warmth, air circulation, and bright light are required for germination.  Seeds are easy to germinate and they will germinate in 7-30 days.  Germination rate is usually > 80%.  The seed will swell and crack open at the edges and the vine root will emerge from the small opening. 

Gâc seeds are quite easy to germinate, they grow vigorously, and do not usually succumb to any diseases.  During drought the leaves will shrivel, but they will come back after watering.  Therefore they are quite suitable for children and beginning gardeners. For our germination tests, we do not even use any soil, we just keep the seeds wet and airated, and they sprout and grow vigorously.


Another very efficient way to germinate gac seeds is to put them all in one small flower pot with NO SOIL.  In other words, all 20 seeds go into one small pot with NO SOIL. Then put them in a warm place, and keep them wet by sprinkling water on them twice a day.  This provides moisture and good air circulation, and the seeds will swell and roots will emerge.  Then they should be planted immediately.  

These photos show gac seeds germinating in a pot with NO SOIL AT ALL! Just KEEP IT WET and TRY IT!.


Remove the seeds that germinate and plant them. Return the others to the pot.
Seeds will continue to germinate for 3-4 months, so patience please.
Any that don't germinate by then are probably dead.

Pollination of Gâc flowers?


Gâc vines are dioecious, that is the male and female plants are separate.  The flowers are pollinated by insects.  Since not all the flowers and vines will mature at the same time, several vines (10+) should be grown together in close proximity to ensure at least one mature male flower for the maturing female flowers nearby.  In areas in which have low insect populations, or if the insects refuse to participate in the pollination process for whatever reason,  many people have good luck hand pollinating the flowers.  This involves clipping the male flower and brushing the stamen of the male flower (the part with the pollen) against the carpel of the female flower. The female flower can be identified by a bulge at the base of the flower, which is the unformed fruit.  Please note that even in the case of hand pollination, you still need 1 mature male flower at a suitable time when the female flowers are maturing.  More vines helps to ensure this.  Too few vines and there is a good chance that you will not be able to get fruit due to male flowers being unavailable at the appropriate time.

Gâc vines will generally flower the first year, but they may not be large or mature enough to support fruit formation.  We have seen and experienced flowering, but no fruit, the first year.  The second year, fruits formed easily and without intervention.  If you do not get fruit the first year, please be patient until the second year.

Growing Gâc in Northern Climates?

Gâc is a tropical vine and therefore loves heat and moisture. However, after root tuber formation in about 2 years, Gâc is not easily killed and can survive a prolonged dry season by dropping about half of its leaves and going dormant. In cold regions, Gâc will survive anywhere the ground does not freeze solid, and a good layer of mulch and reduced watering will help it survive the winter in cold regions. The established root system and root tuber will propel vigorous growth in the spring, however, in very short growing seasons, the fruits may not have enough time to form completely.

We have had customers as far north as Canada try to grow it, but unfortunately no feedback yet on success or failure. Please email me with your experiences and I will update this section accordingly.

Availability of Gâc seeds?

Gâc fruits ripen in December-January and fresh seeds are readily available at these times.  At other times seeds are available from our stock and germination tested monthly by us for your assured satisfaction.  There are several plantations in Vietnam growing Gâc for the purpose of harvesting the Gâc fruit oil and seed concentrate. The problem with seeds from these companies is that the seeds have been killed by the heat that is used to dry the oil sacs (been there, done that).  Therefore they are usable for boiling with rice and preparing Gâc seed extract, but useless for growing.  Our seeds are hand harvested and no heat is used.  Large quantities are normally available.

Like all governments of the world these days, the Vietnam Government is concerned about bio-piracy of indigenous plants and animals by foreign corporations, as well as the very real danger of over-harvesting of wild populations by irresponsible profiteers,  resulting in population stress, endangerment,  and possible extinction.  Gâc is a particularly valuable bio-resource due to its vigorous growth, non-invasiveness,  outstanding health benefits and scientifically verified high concentrations of anti-oxidants.  There is discussion about the need to ban exports of Gâc seeds.  This danger is not immediate, however one should not assume that gâc seeds (or any seeds for that matter) will be available in the future.  At some point in time there will definitely be a ban on export of Gâc seeds (we predict that at some future time, exports of any seed from any country will be banned).

Growing list of plants and animals which are endangered and/or banned for export by well meaning governments around the world :

*       Lodoicea maldivica, worlds largest seed, export banned by Seychelles Islands Government, some info at link

*       Copaifera langsdorfii - Diesel tree, native to Brazil, produces sap which can be used directly in diesel engines, export limited to 100 grams of seed. link

*       Pistachio - Iran has previously denied the world access to its gene stock from its pistachio collection.

*       Pueraria Mirifica - root tuber native to Thailand, contains high concentrations of phyto-estrogens, clinically proven to make women's breasts larger (which makes this plant absolutely essential right?), also shows positive results to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in men, breast cancer in women, export banned by the Thai government due to over-harvesting, lots more info at link and link

*       Philippine Eagle, national bird of the Philippines, considered one of the largest and most powerful eagles in the world. Unfortunately, it is also one of the world's rarest and certainly among its most critically endangered vertebrate species, population estimated at 250.

*       Baiji - Yangtze River Dolphin, last confirmed sighting in 2004, likely to be extinct.  link.

*       Vaquita - extraordinary-looking porpoise is the world's smallest cetacean, and probably the one that exists in the smallest numbers. About 150 remain. link.

Other net resources and info on Gâc :

* - Wikipedia page on Gâc.

* -  Gâc plant classification info from USDA website.

* - From USDA website, "Fatty Acids and Carotenoids in Gâc (Momordica Cochinchinesis Spreng) Fruit"

* - Patented process for b-carotene extraction from Gâc oil.

* - Another process patent.

Nutritional and health information on Gâc :

* - Medical study where gâc was found to inhibit and reduce colon cancer tumors in mice.

* - Inhibition of tumor growth and angiogenesis by water extract of Gac fruit

* - Article by Cancer Research Center of Hawaii analyzing Gâc carotenoid content.

*  - Good article about Gac on Fox News.

*  - Excellent information page on nutritional study of Gâc among local population with tons of references.

Products containing Gâc :

* -  NuSkin G3 Gâc superfruit blend.

* - GacChi fruit juice.

* - Gâc seed extract powder.

* -  Gâc skin revitalizer.

* - Gâc anti-aging cream.

* - Gâc anti-aging cream.

* - Exfuze Seven health drink.

Recipies for Gâc :

* - Recipe for Vietnamese Red Rice using Gâc.

* - Another recipe for Vietnamese Red Rice.

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Customer Feedback :

Hi Peter, I received the Gac seeds in today's mail. They are in good condition. I am surprised to see the germinating seeds. They look great. You have done good work as promised. Please let me know about the other seeds you are selling. - C.P., USA

Peter, That's a very kind of you. Thanks a lot.  I will forward your email address to my other contacts who are also interested in what you have. Thanks again Peter for your kindness.  P.L., Philippines

Hi, Peter. The gac seeds arrived today registered mail. They seem to be in great shape! Thanks. - S.K. USA.

Dear Peter, Thanks for the info, the seedlings are doing well, going to have to transplant them soon. - J.J. USA

Hi Peter, They arrived ! Just when I thought they were lost  : )  I hope they grow ok now, I'll get some started asap. Thanks a lot, - M.S. France

I gave Gac capsules to 2 friends and they were on it for same time. All three of us noticed some outstanding results and now we dont have anymore. There is no doubt in our minds that Gac has so much to offer.  It is an incredible plant.  I just can not believe it has been a secret for so long. For me, every man, woman, and child should be taking Gac. - E.J. USA.

I really appreciate your regular followup on the order, and keeping in regular touch.  You are indeed a very special supplier. - A.G. India

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